Our Policies

Smart consumers want privacy assurances before sharing their personal information, so they don't have to worry about their personal information being stolen. Speedex Packers and Movers Company has created an account on the company website. By logging into this account, customers can access any kind of information, such as tracking the location of their goods, receiving information about packing and moving of goods, etc. But for that, it is necessary to provide some personal information to the customer.

Confidentiality Policy:

Speedex Packers and Movers Company maintains confidentiality of the information we collect from customers as this information is customer records, and each customer's information is different. And these data many bad people or companies want to steal these, so we store all the personal data of customers we collect in a specific place where an expert of our company and those who manage their personal data can log in. No one gets a chance to steal this information.

Security Programs:

We have taken a little more time to build some advanced security programs. As a result, these programs will protect your belongings. If you don't understand what to do, you better know everything from us, then contact your local regulator quickly.

Through personal information, we will communicate with customers:

It is better and easier for us to communicate with customers if the information we collect is available to customers before the first day of service. Because it becomes clear to us when we are communicating with a person, it takes less time. We can communicate with the customer in the way he prefers to communicate.

Terms and Conditions:

Our company terms and conditions have been improved day by day for acceptable customers. We have compiled our terms list in compliance with all legal requirements. We change our terms and conditions and add them if something needs to be added. If you agree to all our terms and conditions, you can use our services.
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