Our Services

Speedex Packers and Movers Company transports customers’ factory goods, various valuables of official work and expensive vehicles from one place to another by road. This is a previous process we have to complete before our transportation services, but not for all customers as there are many who hire our best company Speedex Packers and Movers, only for transportation services. We complete our work by delivering, unpacking, assembling, and setting up the goods to the customers very quickly in different cities.

Domestic Relocation

Domestic relocation is the process of moving a customer’s home or office within the same country. A person can decide on domestic relocation for various reasons. However, this can be a difficult task. The good news is that Speedex Packers and Movers is a relocation company that can help you with the task. These services will be of great convenience to you as well as the people you refer to our company. A good domestic relocation service can be the key to a stress-free move. These services are often organized and efficient. They can take care of the details, such as arranging a new place to stay, arranging language training for your staff and even handling all the paperwork. Rest assured that your products will be transported safely and securely.

Office Relocation

Contact Speedex Packers and Movers in Mumbai for various suggestions for office relocation services and direct contact with experts. Office relocation is made up of a number of important events, so it is natural to consult with specialists in office relocation for how best to do it. By getting the help of an advanced company whose services are very advanced, you will get the easy way and can get unmatched good service at a low cost. Disassembling and assemble commercial objects with a variety of small and large items, and you need to know how to do it. If someone is skilled in all these tasks or knows those techniques, then you can take his advice, but you may not get the service in less time and less budget.

Car Transport

Car transfer is done in two ways, first is a short distance, and second is a long distance. People mostly hire a moving company to move cars over long distances. Contact Speedex Packers and Movers Company in Mumbai for easy transportation of your car, and we have the number on our website. You can entrust us with the responsibility of delivering your vehicle to your doorstep by moving the truck and using the container of your choice. You will get the help of our firm’s experts anytime. Our prices are variable, and you pay less/more for short distances and longer distances. We don’t want to increase your cost level.

Bike Transport

Speedex Packers and Movers Company transports two-wheelers from Mumbai to other places. The bike trailers we use for bike transport are selected by our expert advice to transport the customer’s bike well. Our employees who transport bikes are very professional. Many modern new techniques have been created which we use so that there is no damage to the customer’s favourite assets (bikes). Day by day, we are improving our systems so we deliver the bike in a very safe and damage-free manner, very quickly. We have no difficulty in transporting the bike to the place of your choice, but we will decide accordingly at the first step. Speedex Packers and Movers Company will provide you with efficient and reliable bike transport services at the lowest price, saving you time and stress in no way.

Transit Insurance

Customers can take product and car insurance services from our company. We provide goods and car packing and moving services, so we also offer insurance services. These processes are complicated, but we have reduced the amount of compensation for customers by coming up with many new methods thanks to our wisdom, knowledge and expertise. Consumers take insurance services from our company because there is no idea of accidents. We work very safely and understand the importance of customer belongings, so we are aware of them. When you take the insurance service, no matter how remotely you move the items or how sensitive the items are, they will be covered by the insurance service. You will get the compensation money sitting at home. It is our responsibility to refund you the compensation as you have taken insurance services from Speedex Packers and Movers.

Storage Warehousing

Since its inception, Speedex Packers and Movers Company has been a well-respected name in the Mumbai market for providing excellent packing, loading, unloading, re-arrangement, assembly and warehousing services. From Speedex Packers and Movers Company, you will get ample space where you can store your items for safety. We present our warehouse as a result of our many years of initiative and decision. People all over Mumbai and India can get the right to use the warehouse of Speedex Packers and Movers company if they need warehouse services and contact us. We promise our warehouse will never run out of space for your more oversized items and has plenty of space for smaller and fragile items. Many people do home shifts and office shifts depending on our warehouse.
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